Our Mission

Bright Minds Academy’s innovative focus:

  • Literacy and technology training for parents. Our goal is to encourage parents to make homes print rich and visually stimulating environments in order to enhance the cognitive development of their children. Through workshops and one-on-one mentoring/training, Bright Minds Academy faculty/staff and students help parents learn effective emerging literacy strategies and the integration of the arts, math, science and technology in enhancing their child’s developmental skills and learning process.
  • Provide a significant number of opportunities to involve the community at large. Programming will be designed to encourage involvement of surrounding communities in the Academy seminars, courses and training in the field of child development and early childhood education.
  • Practical clinical experiences for college students majoring in child development and early childhood education. Research indicates that teachers in training are more successful when given the opportunity to practice teaching in real life classroom settings with a support system of mentors.
  • Bright Minds Academy brings a diversity of ideas and learning to young children. The opportunities offered to young children and parents are innovative, research based, problem solving/creative approaches, utilizing best teaching practices. Our goal is to build a sense of community and trust at Bright Minds Academy.
Bright Minds Academy’s Curricular Program
  • Curriculum is designed to nurture young children and to stimulate their language, physical, cognitive, emotional, creative development, to foster positive self-concepts and develop social interactions with others.
  • A teaching faculty/staff trained in celebrating the culture of the Mississippi region and integrating programs that introduce children to various customs, cultures, arts and natural sciences.
  • Classrooms for children in the following four (4) levels: infant, toddler, 3 and 4 year old program and elementary afterschool program.
  • The curriculum emphases a variety of models based on Reggio Emilia schools of thought founded in Italy, Abeka reading program, The High Scope Active Learning Curriculum; also the Infant Toddler Care (PITC) guidelines for a creative/social nurturing environment. The Creative and STEM Curriculum will have an emphases placed on learning through brain-based strategies and the visual, musical, and kinesthetic arts.
  • Bright Minds Academy immerses children in literacy and incorporates carefully selected teacher-initiated lessons/activities that expose children to new cultures, arts, science, math and technology in a print rich and visually stimulating learning environment.
  • A program for parent seminars and trainings. Our program provides tools and materials for parents to practice the use of arts, science and math building emergent literacy skills by reading daily to their children and developing technology skills in their homes with their children.
  • A program based on intergenerational and community participation. This includes curriculum for preschool children, Parent Literacy Program, including activities and demonstrations involving young children, students, teachers, parents, and senior citizens.
  • A student teacher/researcher learning area – a classroom that allows child development and early childhood education courses to be taught on-site – with real-time access to all levels of classrooms for young children.
  • An outdoor learning area that includes arts and gardens and a play area.

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